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Instructions to Authors

Manuscript Content and Article Processing

Manuscripts are accepted with the understanding that they have not been previously published, and contain original data not being considered simultaneously for publication. Authors are required to submit their manuscript in the Manuscript Submission Template. Manuscripts not conforming to the template will not be accepted for review. All articles published in the BRSF Medical Research are copyright-protected. The article processing follows the order as listed below:
  • Manuscript received from author
  • Preliminary assessment of manuscript
  • Manuscript forwarded to selected reviewers in relevant field
  • Manuscript sent back to author to address reviewers' comments
  • Proof sent to author for final corrections after final review
  • Authors returns proof with Licence to Publish and article processing charge
  • Article is published online with free access


Proofs are sent to corresponding author of the manuscripts. They should be verified and appropriate corrections made. Extensive/substantial changes to the manuscript after the final review prior to publication will require additional approval. The manuscript may also be subject to re-reviewing.

Publication Charges

The article processing charge (APC) per manuscript is USD 100 (for international authors) or NGN 20,000 (for Nigerian authors only). This low APC has been made possible by donors to the Foundation. This covers the cost of reviewing, typesetting, publishing, site maintenance and other miscellaneous costs. Payment is via PayPal™. Authors will be provided with a link to the payment gateway and instructions, after their manuscripts have been accepted for publication.

Anti-Plagiarism Policy

Authors are strongly advised against plagiarism. If plagiarized material is found in manuscript, the concerned authors will be asked to modify the manuscript; in some cases this may lead to a complete rejection of the manuscript.

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