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International Conference on Biosciences Research (ICBR) 2017

The BRSF's 3rd annual International Conference on Biosciences Research (ICBR) will be held in Asaba, Nigeria in November 2017.

ICBR 2017

Date:    Thursday 16th (arrivals only) to Sunday 19th (departures only) November, 2017
Venue: Swiss Spirit Hotel and Suites Mardezok, Okpanam Road, Asaba, Nigeria
Time:   Starts 8:30 AM - 5 PM (for 17th and 18th Nov. 2017)

Conference Theme

Biotechnology: A Panacea for Scientific Development in this Era of Economic Recession

Keynote Speakers

• Afro-Centric Biotechnology Prototypes: A Key Driver of Sustainable Economic Development
      By Dr. Kenneth Yongabi Anchang
      Director of Research
      Catholic University of Cameroon

•  [Topic to be confirmed]
      By Dr. Eman A. Alam
      Botany Department
      Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt

•  Agricultural Biotechnology
      By Dr. Cordelia I. Ebenebe
      Department of Animal Science and Technology
      Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria

Conference Aims and Objectives

The conference aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of biotechnology. It will also provide an interdisciplinary forum for researchers and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the field of biotechnology research.

Call for Abstracts and Papers

Papers are invited from all areas of Biotechnology research and applications including microbiology, medicine, environmental studies, agriculture/food, industrial, molecular biology, parasitology, zoology, botany, marine/aquatic studies.


"We are at the very beginning of time for the human race. It is not unreasonable that we grapple with problems. But there are tens of thousands of years in the future. Our responsibility is to do what we can, learn what we can, improve the solutions, and pass them on."
- Richard P. Feynman