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Trends in Industrial Biotechnology Research (TIBR)

Trends in Industrial Biotechnology Research (TIBR) is a journal publication of the Biosciences Research Support Foundation (BRSF). TIBR is an international, high quality, open access, peer reviewed online journal published monthly. TIBR publishes ground-breaking research that spans all of the industrial biotechnology disciplines.

Trends in Industrial Biotechnology Research publishes Research Articles, Review Articles, Case Reports and Short Reports covering the areas of industrial biotechnology research. Each received manuscript is peer reviewed by at least three notable scientists in the field of the research work.

BRSF, through TIBR aims to contribute to dissemination of high quality significant research information free of charge to the benefit of especially low resource areas like the developing countries. Articles published in TIBR are search engine optimized to ensure maximum visibility of contents online.

Trends in Industrial Biotechnology Research is indexed in Google Scholar, Advanced Sciences Index, Directory of Research Journals Indexing, Scientific Indexing Services, Scientific World Index, CrossRef, Index Copernicus, The DOI® System (Digital Object Identifier), Zenodo and DataCite Repository.

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